Refugees fashion better lives with haute couture

Refugees fashion better lives with haute couture

Nike MercurialX Proximo nike mercurialx proximo ii tf review but female immigrants who settle in Lure and elsewhere in France find that it’s difficult for them to find jobs to support themselves and their families.

Carmen Colle, a social worker who daily worked with immigrants, was familiar with the problem. But it really hit home, she says, when a friend, a political refugee, wasn’t able to find work “because she couldn’t speak the language and she didn’t know how to sell herself,

With no previous experience, she founded World Tricot, a knitwear factory. It is now one of only three knitwear manufacturers in France skilled enough to produce haute couture. Its clients include Herms, Chanel, JeanPaul Gaultier, and Christian Lacroix. And the business now has femalestaffed branches in Bosnia and Belarus. Siberia may be next.

But why a knitting factory? The idea came from a friend of Colle’s, a professional clothes buyer, who complained about the lack of interesting sweaters.

With a $3,500 check from a local charity, Colle bought her first knitting machine and rented an apartment for the business.

During the first year, she and her staff of twohad to learn everything from scratch. She attended a management course in Paris, read Nike MercurialX Proximo hundreds of fashion magazines, and taught herself and her staff to use the knitting machines, sew, and market the goods. Initially, most of her sales were to community members, and she raised additional money through galas and bake sales. She also contacted fashion houses and slowly built up a clientele.

Colle recalls that one of the company’s first big orders was for sweaters. Halfway through production, she realized that neither she nor her staff knew how to make sleeves. Still, determined to complete the sale, she delivered the goods as planned, presenting sleeveless sweaters to the client. Fortunately, he thought they were supposed to be vests and bought the lot.

Xom Phommavong, a political refugee from Laos, was the company’s first employee. “When I arrived in France, I looked and looked and looked [for a job], she recalls. She searched for three years before finding Colle.

“I don’t know what would have nike mercurialx proximo ii tf review happened without her, Mrs. nike mercurialx proximo ii tf review Phommavong says.

In France, unemployment rates for young immigrant women are more than four Nike MercurialX Proximo times the national average. “It is really not good Posted on Categories Uncategorised